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Intellectual Property
InterNic Solutions owns the following engines(Source Code), they are available for limited licensing arrangements.
     Intellectual Property
  • XMooVSEdotNet Engine
    XMooVSEdotNet Engine is a virtual stock exchange software which simulates real world share markets.

    This engine creates a realistic supply and demand environment. Users must interact with each other in ways of buying, selling, list-buying, list-selling, in order to complete a transaction.

    This is a great educational tool to learn about the theory of supply and demand, and it is not limited to share markets. With a little modification, this engine can serve as a product trading market.

  • XMooX2 Engine
    XMooX2 Engine is designed to aggregate data in real time and use it to simulate share markets' price fluctuation.

    This engine has the ability and flexibility to aggregate data from many sources, to ensure fast-moving trading activities.

  • WebBook Engine
    WebBook Engine is a map and directory management software which inter-links street names and coordinates.

    This engine allows site owners to effortlessly build a city directory with map facility. Users will be able to find map location via street names, or find out shops located on a particular location on the map.

  • JALAN Engine
    JALAN Engine is a street exploration software. When combined with WebBook Engine's database, site owners can create a virtual city where users can explore (walk/ride bus etc) the city as if they are right there.

    This is an ideal tool for tourists to familiarise themselves with the city's location, direction and infrastructure.

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