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Palmerston North Online Directory (Palmy Dot Net)

Palmy Dot Net is our very first client, and has been since 1999.

A unique feature which inter-links Palmerston North's online street map and web directory makes Palmy Dot Net the most popular and visited site in the Palmerston North region.

Several of our successful marketing campaigns ensure the site is ranked highly in Google, the most popular search engine.

In fact, Palmy Dot Net has never been ranked lower than 5th place on the keyword - "Palmerston North". As a result, the site is currently enjoying 20,000 visitors per month, and has served over half a million visitors!

Palmy.Net Services

In 2004, a decision was made to separate Palmy Dot Net's online services from its core web site, so that they can be managed and maintained more timely and efficiently.

These online services include Movie Search, Events Guide, Local News, Community Notice Board and public discussion forums.

As a result, Palmy.Net Services has been created, and its main role is to aggregate time-sensitive data from various Palmerston North-related sources, and convert it into useful and up-to-date information that can be served to Palmerston North residents and visitors from a single online hub.

John Hornblow - Palmerston North City Council Councillor

This site was originally designed when John was a candidate for Palmerston North City Council councillor - He is now one :) and we'll be constantly updating this site and any messages he has to convey to the people of Palmerston North.

John's site was designed and hosted by an American company three years ago, when he approached us recently for a total revamp of his site for year 2001 local election. We completed the site in a week, and have been maintaining and hosting it since.

John's remark was, "I think you have picked up the feel of the campaign and of myself really well. Your work is appreciated."

Mitek Computer Systems

Mitek is a computer company which sells and services a wide range of products, from PC's, hardware, software, printers, modems. It is also Acer, Epson and Sharp's authorised service center in Palmerston North.

Recently we upgraded the site to a more professional theme, which is built with our firm philosophy of fast downloading, clean and easy to navigate site.

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